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Post by Skyler on Thu Aug 14, 2008 1:17 pm

Zackury Zakuryofsabbethhighbyzili6

This is Zackury, (Zack for short). He is 17 as well as Jyoti. He Also Attends Sabbeth High School.

(Copied from Rudi's Profile.)
Sabbeth High school Is a School for boys with 'problems'. When resorting to Killing, stealing, Violence and overall being the worst kid alive.. your in Sabbeth High. It is by far the worst School you could go to. From being chained to you desk to abusive Jail cell-like dorms in which the kids have to sleep.

Zackury is a very calm person. He doesnt much care about his outlook. He likes to be more open to everything, even outfit-wise. But he hates being called a girl. Even though he gives off the 'girl' outlook to some people, he would not hesitate to punch anyone in the face if they called him one. He also loves to be unique.

He has a past filled with drug abuse. His Family was okay, they loved him, cared for him, raised him like any other kid. But at a very young age, 6 years old, his adopted brother introduced him to Drugs. It ruined his life. He went from being a innocent child with a loving family, to some horrid person who resorts to violence as the answer to everything.

His Family died in a tragic car crash when Zack was only 10. Making him and his brother homeless. The apdoption agency offered a place for the two but unlike his brother, Zack declined the inviation. Making him alone on the streets. He became a Drug dealer and didnt care if he sold drugs to kids. Eventually people complained and thus, he ended up in Sabbeth high.

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Post by Youkai on Thu Aug 14, 2008 3:05 pm

drug dealer wow

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