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Post by xXx:ThEpUpPeTkInG:xXx on Fri Aug 15, 2008 5:21 pm

Spike is over 100 years old, he is truly 118, he was 15 when he was human, afterwards, he became an android.

His existence being so long, he has lost all knowledge he was ever once human. All he knows now is how to Build, Destroy, and Kill. He is the ultimate gunman and robot.

He wears a black cloak so he knows the direction of the wind, which comes in very handy when sniping. He wears a customized set of boots with retractable claws in it, useful for climbing walls and close-range combat. He wears a dark green Muscle shirt thats tucked into a pair of army pants. on his left arm, he wears a brown fingerless glove, so he has a good grip on his gun.

He is an android. (I stated this before)

Spike is a marksmen from the same time as Quinten. An expert blacksmith, in his childhood days he spent all his time making devices to mimic his friends Pyschokinetic powers. Over time, he grew to love this friend, but their quest would end up costing one of their lives. His friend died, he had lost most of his body. his right arm, most of the right side of his body had been destroyed. Using his knowledge of technology, he reconstructed his lost limbs using the metal from his old inventions. Crafting and modifying everything he had ever built, he managed to save his life.

On hand he carries a customized sniper rifle that can zoom in 100X. A Hnadheld pistol that reloads itself and fire shotgun bullets, he also designed all of Quinten's guns. His final weapon when carry-on is an SMG that reuses bullets for an infinite amount of gun power.

When sent on missions, he usually adds to his array a strong shotgun that can work as a sniper. A rocket launcher specially made to be easy to wield. And a hand-knife, just in case.
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Spike Empty Re: Spike

Post by Youkai on Fri Aug 15, 2008 6:09 pm

cool character

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