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Post by Skyler on Thu Aug 14, 2008 12:28 pm

Jyoti Jyoti_of_Sabbeth_High_by_ZimLover

This is Jyoti, (Pronounced Je-yo-ti). He is 17 and Attends Sabbeth High School.

(Copied From Rudi's Profile.)
Sabbeth High school Is a School for boys with 'problems'. When resorting to Killing, stealing, Violence and overall being the worst kid alive.. your in Sabbeth High. It is by far the worst School you could go to. From being chained to you desk to abusive Jail cell-like dorms in which the kids have to sleep.

Before Jyoti had to attend Sabbeth, He lived in another Dorm. He was abandoned by both Mother and Father at birth and was Raised in an Adoption center. He lived his days not caring about anyone and thinking that nobody cared for him. He was adopted from time to time, but they always brought him back because of his attitude towards people. He was Also Dropped on his head alot more then he should have.

He eventually got a Job and could afford to leave the adoption center when he was 16, he went to live with a couple friends. Thats when he started to change his act. He was more leaniant towards people, but it was all because of Alcohol. It changes people.

He doesnt like having a boyfriend or girlfriend because he thinks its too much of a workout keeping them. He is known to be bi-sexual and a cheater. He is in sabbeth high because he was accused of inappropriate behaviour towards girls.

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