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Post by Skyler on Thu Aug 14, 2008 12:02 pm

Rudi Sleepy_Rudi_by_ZimLover

This is Rudi. He is 14 years old and if Forced to Attend Sabbeth High School.

Sabbeth High school Is a School for boys with 'problems'. When resorting to Killing, stealing, Violence and overall being the worst kid alive.. your in Sabbeth High. It is by far the worst School you could go to. From being chained to you desk to abusive Jail cell-like dorms in which the kids have to sleep.

Rudi was sent there by mistake.

After having the worst childhood days of his life with his mother, from being beaten till he was bleeding and chained to a tree, he meets Skyler. Skyler doesnt like Rudi's mother and decides its better she dies. Without Question he does kill her and flees for his life away from the 'Cops' of Sabbeth High who were after him at the time. He left Rudi there with his dead mother. The Cop then took Rudi to Sabbeth High thinking he killed his own mother and that he was the Phsyco.

Rudi is shy, but does tend to have another side to him. When he gets angry he has a bad side effect which tends to hurt his heart. Its a curse thats in his blood ever since he was little and was injected with blood from a mad phsycopath.

But overall is nice calm and a very caring guy.

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Rudi Empty Re: Rudi

Post by Youkai on Thu Aug 14, 2008 2:57 pm

i fell bad for him already

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