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Post by xXx:ThEpUpPeTkInG:xXx on Sun Jul 27, 2008 10:20 pm

F.Y.I. he was supposed to be for a little game I had in mind, but i'll use him for RP too ^w^

Name: stated above (Quinten maxwell)
Age: unknown, possibly 17 or 18
Race: Half zombie, Half human
height: 7 foot 2 inches
weight: 187 lbs
eye: blood red
hair: dark brown, messy and spiked up. No comb since he's been in a never ending war since he was created.

Quinten's personality;
cold blooded
not one to regret anything

description: after a world war , a nuclear bomb went off, killing many humans, mutating others. after a few years, researchers who had survived the war attempted to create a serum to reverse the mutation, it proved to be catastrophic when it was put into the body of a young child who had been mutated. his aging quickened, and in 9 months he had become full grown, his body appeared human, but part of him was a zombie. his entire left arm and his left leg from the knee down. as an apparent final hope, the researchers told him to take out the zombie's and locate survivors, before taking upon this task, he took a claymore and killed every last researcher, for making him the freak he is now.

appearance: long, white coat, never buttoned or zipped, black plain T-shirt underneath, a belt across the T-shirt. A Giant Claymore across his back, he uses his left arm to wield it. a pair of white baggy pants, with the bottoms and middles tied up with rope to make himself "lighter". a pair of all-terrain boots, black as the night.
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Quinten Maxwell Empty Re: Quinten Maxwell

Post by .:~*Meranii-San*~:. on Mon Jul 28, 2008 10:20 am

omg i love Zombies<3 8D yay!!!!!! ^^

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