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Post by Youkai on Wed Jul 23, 2008 2:23 pm

Used to be a spirit dragon that had a contract or pact with youkai's father. Youma sacrific being a guadian spirit along with his spirit powers so he can accompany youkai on his mission to defeat his brother and avenge his father. His scales are black resembleing the night sky but his eyes are blood shot red. He has two arms and legs. His claws are very sharp. He is able to breathe fire, and ice. Has two wings on his back. And his tail is strong enough to break through solid rock. Youma in his dragon years is 20. Also youma has made a pact with youkai and only listens to fang, D, and youkai. Youma also has the abilitly to transform gaining armor to help protect himself from attack as well as regaining some of his guardian spirit powers.

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