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Post by Youkai on Wed Jul 23, 2008 1:31 pm

Name:serenade 'Destiny' Roya
Code Name:D.
Age: 14
Race: Human
Hair: long red hair
Eyes: light blue
Height: 5'4
[url=http://yakumure.forumotion.com/profile-s-f15/youkai-t315.htm#][color=#006600]Weight[/color][/url]: 110
Personality: usually kind
Description: she likes to wear her clothes comfortablly. She carries her sword on her back cross the oppsite from youkai. her hair was short but since she's been traveling with youkai it has grow. she will sometimes blush around youkai when they are alone together.

Background information:She is a skillful sword user who was thaugh by youkai. Has long red hair, and is around 5'4. Skinny but strong. She learned how to use her own energy to create powerful attacks. She travels with youkai and would usually concult him first before anything. Her brother left when she was 6. Never having a father figure looked up to besides her brother. Her mom died from a strange illness when she was 10. Inherting her mothers strange illness a year later was cured when she was forced to fuse with a demon to save her life in a fire. Now she's 14 and she is traveling with youkai to help him defeat his brother. She is able to use some of his fire abilities. She is youkai most skillful ally. She also has a crush on him, at first she was having trouble being around him but longer has that problem as she came to terms with her feeling for him. And she will aways stay by youkai no matter what.

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