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Dorjee Shyun -anime-guy-1

Name: Dorjee Shyun

Sex: Male

Age: 19

Dorjee Shyun has an impulse toward treating everyone with equality, sometimes making secret exceptions for himself and those dear to him. A strong sense of justice can lead him to antagonizing abusive people and making them an exemption to his fairness until vendetta is clear. Usually in promoting others endeavors and mediating conflicts he gains a natural grace, sometimes he expresses his anger at the idiocy or power-gap of certain disputes. Adventurous intellectually and willing to learn with an open impartial mind. Through the arguments of others he is often persuaded, truth holds precedence over winning and although he isn't so much bound by arrogance he does not concede unless earnestly convinced. He is considerate of others and able to compromise.

Works best in a team of two, one-on-one. Handling more than a couple is a hassle, the more the edgier; “Too many variables to consider” is his explanation. He's idealistic, and attracted to like-minds. He’s not driven to conform to others and doesn't sympathize with people who feel at ease going with the crowd.

He can be overtly avid, taciturn, sullen, and snobbish to those around him when egotistical; it easily seeps out of his habitual mild-mannered facade. That side of him is active when he's surrounded by people who oppose his ideals or don't accept him for who he is. When his ego is tempered he’s humorous and jovial.

He has an unbridled enthusiasm in esoteric studies like those of the spirit world(astral projection into the astral realms?), the chakras, chi, the interconnectedness of all life, dreaming, mysticism etc.

He is 5ft 9in tall and of medium build. His head narrows at his small squared chin and broadens at the middle where his jaw stretches wider back although average in height. His face’s shape resembles a diamond. Fair tan skin, eye color red(recessive gene from grandfather) , and hair white with spiky bangs to the back of his head that measure longer than the length of his head. His eyes, sharp and lidded, look calm and aloof. His face is mildly sculpted. His mouth settles into a slight frown.

He wears a white turtle neck vest with a long-sleeved cape jacket over it, kept on with dark chains attached at both sides, that doesn't cover his vested mid chest and abdominals. The vest has a black line through the middle with buttons, the jacket is lined black at its edge. Black and white gloves reveal his fingers. His loose pants are black with similar simple (white)lining designs.

Power: Skilled aerokinetic and martial artist.

Sih Yue, Dorjee’s mother was a brilliant huntress. She was unrivaled since she was a young teen, her twin sister who realized herself as pyrokinetic left to the north after a couple of years. Locally no one bested her and rarely has anyone from afar came close. She hunted best at night whereas her sister, Shi Tai Yang, had done so at day. She had a fair heart shaped face. Her eyes were peculiar; they were reflective, almond shaped, silted vertically and dark blue. She was tall and slender with modest hips and bosom. She was gentle and silently jovial. She was a great singer and dancer. She would sing original melodious songs not only during festivities & use water-bending, being fairly adept at it, movements as dance.

Sih’s talents, along with her sisters, were recognized early. Those adept at hunting, combat, and overall survival trained them early on. It wasn't without some internecine but they agreed to discount the caution and patience needed to have the children properly adapt. Their motive was more of a curious creativity than anything else and they did not temper their enthusiasm. Their hard-earned skills were being given to someone who could optimally use them. Sih and Shi were overwhelmed by the constant apprenticeship. They both eventually split into two persons(they developed multiple personality disorder) each having to switch gears, after years of this their transitions became capricious and amnesic but luckily it didn't happen often.

When Dorjee was born she was a young woman and was conflicted between her demanding roles as provider for the people or her newfound son. Her paramour, a airokinetic was called home in urgency before he even knew of his prospective son. She tried committing to her son and working simple jobs close to him but the people were lamenting her absence in the areas were she specialized. She was reluctant but after a couple of years she tended to the needs of the people, besides she could provide for her son all the more.

Mare a common laborer offered to take care of him when Sih was away hunting, teaching, and fighting. Mare enthusiastically asked, she saw an opportunity to experience motherhood(she was infertile) and entangle her life with her idol. Sih was a feminine icon equally great in her beauty, grace, intelligence and prowess. Mare admired Sih who seemed to be too impeccable for the bitter envy that some other women, and men, held for her. The ideal too lofty for her to fathom ever obtaining, coveting the features of a Goddess is foolish she thought. She hid this adulation, addressing her as a friend and equal with modest respect for her status.

Sih of-course wasn't happy about it but she had already decided to help others, Dorjee will have to share her, she tried to remind herself that it was a partnership of sorts and that she was only getting help in raising him. Mare was like a second mother to him, loving and nurturing as any mother should be but kept an emotional distance in respect for Sih’s right to his love and for the missing biological link betwixt them. Sih would check on him as often as she could, the duration and frequency of her time with him depended on the tribes circumstances.

Since he was an infant of a about four, roughly two years after he was left predominantly under the care of another, he was hyperactive, adamant, and a menance. This distressed Mare, and she considered giving up on him but she had grown dependent on Sihs earnings for her expensive triad of a family.

Sih was found bludgeoned and comatose one day and was put under the care of a locally renowned doctor. It was risky, medical equipment not being available, he needed to hydrate and nourish her by carefully getting a blend through her esophagus with his hydrokinesis. Having seen her for so long in that decrepit vegetating state, seeing her fed and her wastes cleaned she found herself gradually denigrating her high-esteem. Jealousy for Sih, creeped in and made its home in her as everyone worried for her. She was one of the only ones allowed to check on her.

After a moon cycle she awoke as her other self with no memory, weak she made a swift escape with all the strength she could muster and left a trail of death on her way. After the occurrence dead bodies, particularly those of hunters, were found with arrows sticking out of their chests and necks or in other gruesomely simple executions out in the wilderness. After the incident it was sort of a taboo to speak of Sih, she made a sudden turn from nurturer to killer but many couldn't blame “her” for it so they out of ambivalence tacitly urged Mare to continue caring for the boy and gave her much needed support however marginal.

Dorjee entered school (the tribes attempt at giving the children an education) shortly after at the age of six, which was just a couple of months after Sih’s episode. He was treated with reproach by most people, it was a consensus among the children and even the few teachers who had a hard time with him. He stood his ground despite all of this.

Mare’s husband was a hedonist. He had been that way ever since he could remember, the main reason that he initially took a liking to Mare was because of her infertility. He became addicted to some substances that were known to be dangerous in excess. Drugs and spirits were widely used by the tribe but not in excess. Mare’s friends took notice early on addressing it to her but she would turn a blind eye to it. He became a mercurial neurotic oscillating from peak to valley. He began developing a reputation as a prodigal junkie and people shunned him. There was an incident of him getting violent and flailing at someone who wouldn't lend him something. When Dorjee was 7 Mare and her Husband separated. She was fed up with him, he wouldn't work as often and when he did it was all a waste and his personality changed.

Dorjees assertive bent was undermined by a constant and overwhelming condescension, drastically transitioning to a sensitive timidity from 8 to 10.

From the time of their separation till he was 10, Mare had been seeking the love of boorish chauvinists who begrudgingly put up with him. Her relationships usually lasted a couple of weeks when at their longest, and she had gained a reputation for promiscuity until she met Jack. This new and permanent clone of all the others would treat him in much the same way. His life worsened when Jack settled in with them. He learned to just endure the pain, unconsciously trying his best to forget. His social anxiety worsened and the emotional domestic threat, rarely physical, taxed his endurance all the more.

He was 15 when he found out that he was an aerokinetic psychic. A couple of weeks before, Mare told him that he was a man and that he had to go. She suggested that he go after she revealed the secret about his conception and told him to search for his father Osier who somehow now knew of his child and who wanted to care for him. Osier another genius parent but of less a caliber than his original mother, if only Dorjee had taken after them, it was the primary reason there was a strong attraction between him and Sih. Osier lived above middle class in a place that was modernized but which held a close relationship with monks and other seekers who lived in shrines, nature, etc. He arrived and was greeted by a servant of his fathers. This man was ordered to teach bagua(a martial art), feed, and protect Dorjee. Osier was literally on the other side of the world when he arrived, as magnificent people like him are in times of need, he was very taken up at the time.

After arriving he slightly changed perspective, it happened gradually. He reentered a school which was now grand and held in a big and populated building full of people, it wasn't long before his victim-mind took hold again and many others took advantage some more than others. After spending so long outside the norm, having developed issues that made him utterly socially inept, he began noticing how mechanical others were and how desperate to conform. He was still very affected by his condition, and his supposed detached superiority was mostly a self-fulfilling prophesy.

He met his father at the age of 17, before that they wrote to each other when they could. This was the period Dorjee became aware of his misanthropic narcissism and became interested in finding the truth. He learned of practices of self-improvement that after a cursory overview and try he was struggling with, he tried to hide his guilt from his father who would occasionally be away. He would develop his philosophy of life, preferences, and ideals but wouldn't follow them. He couldn't direct his motives and had no discipline. His father took notice and told him that he studied the hydrokinetic people when he went to the tribe, when he met Sih, because his weakest psychological element was water. He denied pleasure to an extreme, had excessive boundaries, fear of change, rigidity of body and attitudes. This problem was common among the Aerokinetic psychics he knew.

Dorjee’s weakest element was fire... his victim-mentality, passivity, unreliability, poor self-discipline and follow-through. He was to meet his aunt at her nation, Shi Tay Yang at the age of 19. The nostalgia was weak for it had been long since he's seen his mother but mesmerizing awe and trepidation filled him when, after a couple months in the nation(which was at the hight of modernity, he saw her. She was identical to Sih Yue of-course except her eyes are circular, smaller, and golden; Her chin is a little wider and lengthier; Her figure is different, hips wider and breasts fuller. She was beautiful. She was, just by her powerful visage, kindling a fire that scared Dorjee and exited him all at the same time.
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