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I posted this in another Role-Play but it never took off, so I might as well...
Name: Velasco

Age: 19

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Biography: His life was always a hardship, and he took a liking to watching the birds. Most of all he loved the cows that were feared in his village. Their call, their beauty, their intelligence. He wished he was one, able to fly high and far from his problems. His mother was a homestead servant and beating bag when she got married(maybe figuratively if there aren't any marriages). He was treated like a dog, when he misbehaved he was beat or literally tossed outside. He would even be thrown out for the nights, but luckily it didn't happen much. He doesn't remember his real father, his Mother never talks about it. She begs the patriarch(who came into their lives when he was 10) of the home if he could let her keep her son, when he's not particularly angry he's indifferent (which was as nice as he got) or as if he's some role model of manliness. His mother is usually a sadly placid, bovine and detached woman, whenever shes “there” shes going into a fit of terror from her husband or anger at her child. Before his mothers husband they lived as the poorest class of people, barely procuring enough to survive and occasionally almost starving to death but it was preferable because his mother was there with him. At around 12 he began reading(Ill leave out how he learned how he learned))whatever stories he could get his hands on. He read the same ones over and over but never when he could read something new, stories sent him to a different realm. At the same time he developed lucid dreaming, his other respite from his life. He finally became a bird in his dreams, a crow. He would ask people to tell him stories, or try and make up some of his own. He met Selwyn, a higher class boy, at 14 and got him interested. They often created stories together and told them to some to each other, they would collaborate and eventually they identified with certain characters. They would venture in imagined lands as their strong and noble alter-egos Aerithrap(Velasco) and Phaesur(Selwyn), even going so far as doing literal improvisational acting(or as the boys that teased them used to say, they pretended.) Velasco quickly found out that his friend was skilled with a staff they were battling as their characters and at first he never came close to winning. Selwyn gradually became his teacher, and eventually after a couple of years Velasco finally won in a real match. Selwyn became his rival. One day Selwyn's father caught them fighting for the first time and trying to hide his enthusiasm he asked Velasco to become his pupil. From that day on he practiced with Selwyn under the instruction of this man. Home life never changed, he knew he could simply overpower the man but never did because they needed him. Maybe he noticed Velascos change for the better because his indifference turned into contempt and he became more verbally bothersome. One night he was kicked out of the home for standing in front of his mother when he began to abuse her, he asked his mother “Can I stop him?” and with her face under messy hair she slightly shook her head so he endured it when the man laughed at what he said, gave him a brief but ruthless beating and then threw his body out into the cold. “You told me your mutt would behave! you want me to let him starve!? Huh? Look at me when I...” and on and on it went. He tried sleeping there and when he consciously drifted into sleep he noticed something different. He had out of body experiences before but this was extreme, he was actually there in the physical seeing and hearing everything but not really there. He went into the home, just phasing through it's walls. He wasn't thinking clearly and upon feeling a void in his mother as she kneeled there taking hits he was drawn to her and then he was her in an instant. He felt the searing pain and before the man could strike again he dodged, sprung up to grab the wooded broom and stood in stance. The man began to talk “I know tour eager to clean but not now.” Velasco as his mother said “Oh no, I'm not going to let the walking bag of filth tell me when and what to clean!” His mother intervened and he couldn't help but get thrown back out. She died that night and he was held responsible, the mans belongings were left to Velasco and he sold them. He asked if he could live under the residence of Selwyn's family, learning from and working for them. He's been coming to terms with his newfound powers, and the turmoil of his past that never leaves him no matter how far he's gone in those dreams of his. This got translated into a hatred of seemingly wicked people, those with power that abused the weak. He would torture these people in their dreams as much as he could, he even gave a rapist the nightmare that he was turned into a woman and was raped by a group of nasty men who had knives as penises. He would think up the worst and most ironic scenarios for the abusive people he finds. As for the dark ones(I dint know anything about them so they dint feature till now) he hates them and their abusive hold on the world and it's people. He wishes to find other gifted and skilled individuals to join in a cause against these beings.

Weapon: Staff (can be modified to make spear but he's not as good with that style)

Gift: He can leave his body, and enter the minds of others. Entering and taking control over dreams is usually easy because people are rarely aware. When the person is awake he can easily “sit in the back of their mind” to experience their (note that the further it goes the more difficult) senses, emotions, and thoughts. The next step beyond being an observer is to make the other hallucinate, he may communicate with this. He can take full control of an awake person but it's the hardest thing he could ever possibly do; Either the person is so traumatized their compelled to step out, they are extremely dimwitted and/or unconscious, or their allowing it to happen(and for some it can be a terrifying experience so they don't go through with it) He can usually only invade(an attempt at invasion doesn't count) while sleeping and it takes allot out of him so he must wait till the next day to do it again properly. He can be lucid in his dreams whenever he likes. He wants to learn how to guide others into his mind where he has full reign(not without some risk of having himself possessed) I know it seems like allot but its just the details of a very simple ability, invasion of another's mind.

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