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Post by AeroPhoenix on Thu Feb 23, 2012 10:55 pm

Name: ToriMutto Kyuusho

Nickname: Bridd

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Personality: He is introverted. Poised and distanced from people that aren't accepted as his family(friends, not blood related). He can be extremely frivolous with familial company. He is naturaly perspicacious, able to know or at best accurately inffer on a persons character and present internal state by observing them. He enjoys contemplating during the day.

Appearance: He is slender and is 5 7 feet tall. Weighting 125LBs approximately. His lips are slightly beak like but not thin. He has a nose sized above average, alike a birds nib. He has stygian sharp eyes. His head of hair is spiked and soft. Typically they are dark brown and so too his eyes. He wears loosely well fitted dark clothes that are easy to remove.

Species: Skin-Walker 
He is capable of transforming into various animals. Similar to a lycanthrope, but versatile in species and transformation periods. At night his eyes glow red and he is more integrated with the species that he most frequently transforms into, feeling their propensities and voraciousness. At day, there is a dichotomy between him and his animal facets, consequently making him weaker. He transforms without intricate rituals being a skin-walker since birth: his parents were witches who used magic consciously and methodically to transform. Skin walkers must protect their identity, they instinctually hide their true identities, they sense the worst would happen if their bestial selves were connected with their human selves in the minds of anyone other than what they consider family, if family betrays them then they can't resist the urge to kill them when night falls. When a skin-walker is convinced that someone(non familial)knows definitively who it is then they have to kill the person. If you lock eyes with one then it can absorb himself into your body (through skin contact), and if not fought with a strong will and "thrown out" then he could control and/or kill the person or being.

Even in human form he is extremely agile and fast.
He is able to form into any species of bird with ease, other species are possible but with tremendous effort and energy expenditure. He could while transforming maintain a humanoid form, to varying degrees. He may also direct his transformative abilities to any given part of his body(ex: Halk eye). If he successfully and fully transforms then the ability has been done and there is no need to maintain it with energy, not including food; the energy is expended during an intermediary state.(That's reasonable given the damage that birds can inflict is minimal if existent at all)
If he does remain in an intermediary state between full human or bird then his energy is usurped at an exponential rate, meaning that for every couple of minutes that goes by in the aforementioned state the cost of energy doubles. If he is not sufficiently birdlike then functions like flight(weighting issues) may not work. His movements are, if observed keenly, are distinguishable from other birds. Because the very act of transformation is costly in energy he may find himself stuck in a bird or human form or inadvertently transform and remain in the form that he is closest to. He must absorb the bird species into his body before he could add it to his archive.
He can change his voice to match any animal or human he's herd.

Bio: ToriMutto was never intimate with his parents and naturally never wanted to be, his kind distain blood relatives and might even kill their siblings or offspring. They detachedly bear their children when there is surplus food and abandon or devour them when a decline is expected. He was abandoned at approximately 8 years old. He was able to join animal creeds without ease, being seen through as nefarious and aberrant by other animals. Living comfortably in the woods, being fully bestial as often as possible and having no human contact to avoid discovery. Becoming more and more attached to his humanity he longed for a home three years after abandonment. He searched out at day and hid in the forest at night. With an intense dislike for the majority of humans he frequently found himself killing them habitually. Managing to find a friendly infertile couple looking for a child, after countless months of seeking, he obsequiously gave himself out to them. His animalistic behavior and need to retreat to the woods at night concerned his guardians deeply. They confronted him about it and he told them that he lived his entire life in that setting, he needed more confirmation of their loyalty before he told them more. They kept his behavior in mind and when people wouldnt return from the woods they assumed it was him, and more often than not it was. He quickly found out of their developing ideas: It was, to him, written on their faces. The village was in fear of entering the woods. His parents conspired to kill him but he had already perceived a betrayal and brutally killed them by night fall. He lived by himself among animals at night and sometimes moved about in populated areas by the woodlands, gaining & loosing guardians sometimes.
He's now 18 and he hasn't had a human guardian for a couple years years.
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Torimutto Kyuusho :: Bridd Empty Re: Torimutto Kyuusho :: Bridd

Post by Guest on Thu Feb 23, 2012 11:06 pm

Nice, I bet this is kinda like an anti-hero! My character is laid back like that too but he's a bit of a goody goody.


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