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Trace Azarious AvatarTRace

Full Name:Trace O. Azarious

Alias:Trace, Tracie, Tray, Gunnie



Current Residence:Here and There

Rifle Pack-Includes various types of rifels
Pistol Pack- Includes various types of pistols
Black Rapier


Trace is the type of person who like to be included in everything that goes on around him. He doesn't like being the center of attention but loves to be in the group around it. He is a person who excerises his "iron will" which he uses to never give up on a challenge. His main thing in life is helping people. He feels that everyone in the world deserves to be cared for, deserves help or at least someone to talk to. He is always the one person to be there as a crying shoulder and offer some advice. He wants to make a difference in the world but he know he needs to start small so he wants to influence at least one person's life to the greater good. This of which he is still working on.
Trace is always in active person doing things to help people here and there while occasionally mellowing out to chill for a bit. One of his major drawbacks in life is that he can't heed his own counsel no matter how hard he tries. And at times he seems to be gloomy because of pase expeiences that lead him to where he is now. Though when it comes to having someone in need he puts own his figurative happy mask and helps them. He never turns away people who need someone to help or talk to.

Physical Appearance:
Trace Azarious Edde

(This is my life)
The Happy Life-Age 1-12:
Trace was born into a family that consisted of one brother and two sisters along with his mother and father who of which seemed happy together. Trace was a child who was a fast learner so his parents said. He learned to walk while being only eleven months old. He learned to read pretty well at age five able to read books of a third grade level fluently. He grew up with three best friends who's names where Abella and Adam which were brother and sister and then there was Kyle who new eachother from infancy.
His childish life seemed to be the happiest moments, playing hide and sneak which was a typical kid game and then there was the world of imagination of which the posibilities of the fame were endless. Around age nine, Abella and Trace began to grow together even closer and started liking eachother. At age ten, they decided to go out with eachother and shared their first kiss that same day. Life seemed to be going swell for Trace, but little did he know the paradise he was enjoying was about to come crashing down.

The Begginings of Hell-Age 13 until now:
Things started heading south when Dereck ,who was Trace's older brother. and Adam took a ride to the store to get some things from it. It turned out that on while on the road, they were it by a drunk truckdriver who took them out killing them on impact. Trace and Abella were at his home watching TV when they got a ring at the doorbell. Trace got up walked over to the door wondering who it could be.
He opened the door up to the policeman who was looking back at Trace with a troubled look on his face. The police officer confessed the news about Dereck and Adam's death. Trace and Abella then broke down in tears as the family came down to here the dreaded news and contribute to the sobbing. After twenty mintutes of sniffling and "what if's", Trace walked Abella back to her home and spent an extra two hours speaking to her. She had thoughts of suicide saying she was unbearably close to her brother and couldn't live without him. Trace had dealt with things like this so he figured he had things covered. After reasoning with her about the reasons why she'd live, she finally agreed and kissed him goodnight as walked back home from her house.
After reaching his home and spending some time with his family there, three hours later, Trace's front door got a knock. He went over to see who it was and opened the door seeing Abella's father there. He asked Trace to come out so they could talk and so he did. Her dad then spilled the news of how Abella had taken her life by overdosing on different drugs she found in the medicine cabinet. Trace couldn't believe it, wouldn't belive it. Her dad kept saying it was true and handed him a letter from her that had seemed to be already open from where her parents read it. He took out the letter and found wrapped around it was the chain necklace with the locket hooked to it that he bought for her. He read her last words in his mind.

Dear Trace,
"If you are reading this letter, then by now I am most likely gone from this life. I just couldn't stand being away from my brother. Im sorry that this will cause you pain but I love you dearly. Just make sure my memory doesn't fade from your heart and i will always be there.
My Apologies and Love,

From that day forward, Trace no longer cared about life. He began to stop helping people. He started slacking on his grades and get involved in petty crimes along with many fights in school. He also began to cut himself just to see if he could feel pain after all the pain he had been through. When he did, it hurt but he still felt numb for some reason. It was like it wasn't real pain. And so he kept up the habit waiting for the one strike that wouldn't feel so numb. It's not like his parent's cared. They were always fighting and yelling at eachother. Dad became an alcholic driving the rest of the family down an economic spiral of hell. The one person during this whole time of time of hell that actually gave a damn about Trace and his siblings was his Uncle James. He would constantly be bailing Trace out from overnight jail and always giving counsel trying to straighten out Trace even though wouldn't listen to a word his uncle was speaking to him. He would completely blow him off and do whatever the hell he wanted. It wasn't until a certain night where his uncle was mugged, stipped of his money and car, then shot in an alley and left for dead that things started to click for Trace. But after getting the news that his Uncle James had been killed my a couple of knucklehead theives, he then spent that night upon the roof sitting on the edge looking down at the ground and then up at the stars. He spent that night thinging about the countless reasons why he could jump but there was one reason why he could stay. He never got to apologise to what crap he put his uncle through. So he figured he would live his life in the way that would help him gain more and lose less. He therefore dropped his cutting habbits and picked up his helping ones back. It was time that he got his life back together and so thats what he vowed to do. Thus ended his emo phase.


Dark Ice Rupture:
Trace takes his hand and
slams it's palm into the ground. Then he channels his ice shards
into the ground pulsating waves of dark ice into the ground which broke
open the earth and making waves of ice attack his opponents from any
direction except from the areal positions. This sends the opponent
flying from impact occasionally crushing the person's bones depending
on how they landed.

Dark Ice Rush:
Trace leans in slightly with his head down then a sort of mist from his
feet start flowing out from the heels of them. Next his hand become icy
with a dark purplish tent to it giving of a mist from it as well. Then
he dashes at the target and impacts them with a speedy six punches that
give off a short burst of ice for from every connecting punch. Next he
gives off a finally roundhouse kick sending the person flying in which Trace the throws his hand into the air calling forth a wave of ice to
surf towards at the enemy impacting them causing more damage.

Black Ice Cannon:
Trace lifts his left arm straight forward pointing it directly at his
opponent then puts his right hand on his left forearm trying to channel
as much of his inner force in the one left arm as he can. Then cannon like
structure made of dark ice forms itself around Trace's arm. Then it
charges up and fires an amazing beem of dark purplish ice freezing and
or smashing anything in its way.

Dark Ice Beserk
Trace stretches his arms out to the side and looks up to the sky as a
black mist comes out from his mouth. His body then starts to give off
black mist as well while the ground that is under him turns black and
icy cold. Then a rectangular prism like stuck made out of ice seals Trace. After that a massive amount of ice comes out form the ground and
clings to the case of which Trace is sealed in. It forms like a Dark Ice
golem that is about 15 feet tall and pretty bulky. It has the same
attacks as Trace does but does double the damage.

More Too come with Progress..

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Its awesome
and nice touch with the drawings
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Does the power come from the guns

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