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Post by lardes on Wed Oct 22, 2008 12:30 am

Elements:fire, earth, air, water, and dark
Race:Half elf
Eyes: Green
Height:5' 7
Weight: 170
Weapon:family sword

Lardes is the son of lardyn who is the king of darnassus. Lardes lives with his mother in the forest of sorrows and is trainning in the arts of dark magic when his quest begins. his childhood freind (now his enemy) it trying to take the 7 swords that holds his world together so that the evil legnius will bring his army into the world and allow him to rule. Lardes has one of the 7 swords that holds the world tagether. it was givin to him by his father the day before his father went to help a stranger named clash. Lardes has no freinds because his mother forced him to live with her in the forest of sorrows were only they live.

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